11 reddit communities (subreddits) you must follow as a UX/UI Designer

  1. r/userexperience: A vibrant community of over 30,000 subscribers discussing essential topics for UX designers.
  2. UXDesign: A hub for advice, discussions, and job opportunities in UX design.
  3. r/SampleSize: Ideal for designers seeking feedback through polls and studies with its 70,000 active members.
  4. r/UI_Design: Covers all aspects of UI design, from mobile to app design, providing a platform for sharing and critiquing work.
  5. r/startups: Connects UX designers with startup culture, offering insights from founders and industry experts.
  6. r/web_design: A community of 331,000 subscribers focused on web design topics like HTML, CSS, and layout.
  7. r/webdev: Dedicated to web development, this subreddit is great for both beginners and experienced developers.
  8. r/Design: Nearly half a million members sharing and discussing various design fields including UI design.
  9. r/design_critiques: Over 35,000 members ready to provide feedback on a wide array of design projects.
  10. r/forhire: A thriving community for UX/UI designers to find job opportunities and collaborative projects.
  11. r/UXResearch: A specialized subreddit for UX research, offering extensive guides and discussions.

With these subreddits just a click away, UX/UI designers have a treasure trove of resources at their fingertips. Reddit offers not only a diverse range of topics and discussions but also a supportive community for career growth, skill enhancement, and networking in the design world. Whether you’re looking for inspiration, advice, or collaboration opportunities, these subreddits are invaluable assets in your design journey.

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