Senior Product Designer at Canopy Servicing

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As a Senior Product Designer at Canopy, you will play a pivotal role in shaping our product experience. As a member of our Design team, you will collaborate with other designers, product, client delivery, engineering, customer success, and leadership teams to create innovative experiences for our customers. You will be responsible for driving the conversation around UX within your product pod, as well as contributing to Canopy’s broader design experience in areas such as our design system and research library.
During any given work day, you might spend:
  • 50% of your time working directly with your team on problem and solution discovery, framing, prioritization, and future planning
  • 20% building context for stakeholders, communicating cross-functionally, and working with others on the product team
  • 20% researching competitors, the lending domain, distilling customer feedback, and experimenting with our product
  • 10% ad-hoc work, team and relationship building, process improvement, and personal development
  • Expectations:
  • Understand Needs and Pain Points: Engage with customers and partners to understand their needs, deliver roadmap updates, get product feedback, and identify additional challenges and opportunities.
  • Expand Domain Expertise: Actively grow your knowledge of the lending domain, competitors, ecosystem partners, and the fintech infrastructure industry.
  • Be an advocate for the customers’ needs: by understanding, researching, and analyzing the problems they are facing and the impact those problems have on the business.
  • Enhance User Experience Iteratively: Translate complex back-office processes into user-friendly digital solutions.
  • Champion Impact: Share the value we provide to stakeholders, including engineers, customer success, sales, marketing, designers, client delivery, external press, and customer teams.
  • Drive the Product Design Process: Take responsibility for the product design lifecycle from conception to delivery in your team. This includes conducting research, ideating, creating wireframes, prototyping, and executing the visual design.
  • Collaborate and Learn: Work in a collaborative environment, leading a team and sharing knowledge. Foster a culture of open communication and continuous learning within your team.
  • Master Design Tools and Methodologies: Exhibit proficiency in a range of design tools and methodologies, such as Design Thinking, and Human-Centered Design.
  • Focus on User Experience: Emphasize creating a seamless and intuitive user experience, with a keen understanding of user psychology and usability principles.
  • Requirements:
  • 4 – 6 years of UX & Product design experience, with a strong emphasis on research
  • Experience leveraging a broad range of research methodologies across the various stages of product development
  • Experience in SaaS or business-focused product design, with expertise in designing and prototyping with Figma.
  • Strong understanding of user-centered design.
  • Understand the technical limitations and trade-offs behind design decisions.
  • Self-starter with a focus on constantly improving product experience.
  • Experience in leading projects.
  • Passion for helping others.
  • Bonus Points:
  • Experience in the fintech industry and/or working with highly technical, API-driven products